The Devil's Dish

2014 Cronkite High School Summer Journalism Institute

Take SJI Out to the Ballgame

The Summer Journalism Institute visits Chase Field for an exciting baseball experience.

By: Gabriella Bachara

SJI Ballgame

Cronkite’s Summer Journalism Institute visited Chase Field on Wednesday, June 19 for an exciting Diamondbacks game. Photo by Olivia Rendon

The Summer Journalism Institute (SJI) took a lively trip to Chase Field to watch the Diamondbacks face the Milwaukee Brewers on Wednesday, June 18.

Before the game, SJI arrived early for an exclusive tour of the press box. Students had the opportunity to see the field from the media’s perspective, as well as hearing insight on their careers.

“I enjoyed the competition, the game overall was really good, but the ice cream was probably my favorite part,” said SJI student Sayge McKrill. “I also liked the energy and how much fun it was to be in a big group.”

Section 140, row 18 was chosen as the lucky row for the night, winning multiple lottery tickets (which none of the students could actually use) and a view of the group on the big screen.

But that was not the only time that SJI forced their way onto the jumbotron, the group was on the screen two more times before the end of the night thanks to their dancing.

Tweets sent out by students were also pictured on the screen multiple times during the night because of using #GoDBacks (

The Diamondbacks won the game on a walk off leaving the entire group in a great mood.

“My favorite part was getting a hamburger from Fatburger, but other than that [I liked] being among all of our crew and creating memories at a D-Backs game,” said SJI student Denisha Gregory.

Going to the Diamondbacks game gave the group a chance for one last bonding encounter before everyone goes their separate ways. The students and counselors hung out and enjoyed a great game while eating fun snacks.


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