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2014 Cronkite High School Summer Journalism Institute

Super Bank

Arizona will host its second Super Bowl in the last decade, which promises an economic fortune for local businesses in the state

By Luis Torres

With Arizona hosting its second Super Bowl in the last decade, the state’s wallet has benefited immensely.

Before the memorable Super Bowl XLII, in which David Tyree made the famous catch with his helmet, the state of Arizona opened an outlet containing over 50+ brand name stores only a couple of feet from the University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona to reel in fans to have a location to shop at.

However, it wasn’t just Tanger Outlets that benefited from the Super Bowl. From local restaurants to taxi companies, Arizona was in love with the fans as much as the fans loved the Super Bowl.

In particular, a local night club in the heart of the Phoenix, Cheetah’s Night Club, saw a massive boost in sales weeks prior to the Super Bowl.

Head cook Enrique Torres, who is also in charge of buying produce, said that having the Super Bowl and working in the food industry is both “a blessing and a curse.”

“Business was amazing,” Torres said, “but there were instances where it got extremely out of hand.”

Due to the high demand of wings, mozzarella sticks, fries, and tenders, Torres witnessed the night club’s daily sales’ average triple and increased more and more each day.

University of Phoenix Stadium awaits Super Bowl 49 coming February 2015 insuring a lot of business. Photo by Luis Torres

University of Phoenix Stadium awaits Super Bowl 49 coming February 2015 insuring a lot of business. Photo by Luis Torres

Torres stressed the fact that it was “hard when you’re not the only one in the industry. You have to be fast and buy all the food that you can before it runs out.”

He mentioned there were some nights where he just completely ran out of food due to the extremely high demand.

One of the managers, Mike Taraska, added that the Super Bowl is one of his favorite parts of the business.

“Business gets tough after Christmas and New Years,” Taraska said. “The Super Bowl is exactly what we need as a signal boost for the business. Food, bottle service and everything goes in our favor.”

Advertising is top on the priority list for what needs to get done for events like this that come once a year. Especially with Arizona hosting, it’s a lot more vital.

“We try to make our prices and services extra convenient for our clientele. We lower our prices so they buy more,” Taraska said. “It is a little risky because you never know how business goes, but it’s worked, so we’re going to keep doing it.”

On that same subject for the client, the night club uses a trolley that transports some fans to the game there and back to eliminate the the chance for drunk driving.

“Like I said, it’s for the clients. We don’t just want any customers, we want loyal ones,” Taraska said. “We do what we can to make them happy. A happy customer is a happy business.”

Restaurant Depot is one of the many places that Torres affiliates his produce supplying with. A clerk who has worked with Restaurant Depot for the past seven years mentioned that although the store does get heavy, “it’s great to see people bring business to this state.”

Despite the business portion of it, all three parties agreed that it’s fun to host a Super Bowl.


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