The Devil's Dish

2014 Cronkite High School Summer Journalism Institute

Social media is here to stay

ASU New Media Innovation director Retha Hill preaches the importance of keeping up with new technology in the journalism field

By Hayley Gorman

“Social media isn’t a fad.”

On Monday, June 16, Retha Hill talked to the students of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication’s High School Summer Journalism Institute about social media.

As the Cronkite New Media Innovation Lab Director, Hill explained  that her job “prepares students for a 21st century journalist world.”

Hill showed the students various types of social media and how they allow users to connect better with each other.

“Be careful of your brand and of what you do on social media,” Hill said.

To conclude her presentation, Hill showed the students videos of new technology, such as Google Glass.

The next stop for the Digital Media kids was to create a mobile phone app. William Guthrie, Cronkite New Media Innovation Lab senior developer, did a step-by-step lesson on how to create an app using Como App Maker.

The app I created during the lab, self titled. Photo by Hayley Gorman

The students of the SJI digital media group created mobile apps like the one shown above. Photo by Hayley Gorman

As the students created their app, many linked it to their social media accounts.

Hill explained to the students the opportunity to show admission officers the app that the students just created.

“It’s a walking portfolio,” Hill said.

Guthrie always had an interest in technology. His advice to the students was, “find the part of technology you like best.”

The internet connects everyone. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has made it even easier to contact and connect with new people.

“72% of all active internet users are now active on social media,” statistic from Jeff

Nowadays it’s rare to find someone who isn’t on one or more social networks. Many people believe that social media is just a fad, but truth be told, social media isn’t going anywhere. Instead it’s growing, and it will keep growing.

The new technology, such as Google Glass,will make the world simpler. One won’t need a phone, rather they can just use Google Glass and just look inside and one will be able to do anything.

It does raise the concern that our world is becoming too dependent on technology. Now, one can do anything with a click of a button.

Potential employers can also look at job applicants’ social network profiles. Recent statistics show that half of all employers use social networks to look at job candidates. The biggest advice anyone can say is, “Be careful of what you decide to post on social networks.” If it’s a risky post, then you probably shouldn’t be posting it.

Social media is a double-edged sword.



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