The Devil's Dish

2014 Cronkite High School Summer Journalism Institute

ASU’s security: constantly ready


SJI participant Gabriella Bachara uses her key card to open the door at Taylor Place. Photo by Hayley Gorman

By: Hayley Gorman

The number of school shootings only continues to rise, which has Arizona State University making sure that the campus is secure and safe.

On the Downtown Phoenix campus, the Phoenix Police Department provides all the law enforcement. A characteristic of the Phoenix Downtown is the seven ASU police officers, who act as liaison role with the Phoenix Police Department.

“At ASU we have a full functioning police force. Those police officers have all been granted the powers of a police officer,” Sergeant Daniel Macias said. “We also have ASU Police Aides which act as security, but they have not been sworn in as police officers.”

At the Downtown Phoenix campus, the ASU Police Aides and the Copper Square Ambassadors provide a service to accompany students and staff to classes, dorms, and parking lots at night.

At the Tempe campus, safety escorts are provided by student volunteers through the Undergraduate Student Government and are available from 7 pm to 3 am.

“ASU is an unique environment. Every year in August, we get brand new students,” Macias said. “Every year we have the same crime issues, which are known as crime opportunities. They include property theft and bike theft. The ASU police website provides the opportunity to register your bike.”

On the West campus, the safety escorts are provided by the ASU police 24 hours a day. On the Polytechnic campus, safety escorts are provided by the ASU police depending on officer availability.

“To make sure students are safe they should make sure of the whereabouts, and make sure you are not on your phone,” Macias said. “Always use the buddy system. Also, to secure your property, make sure you know the serial numbers.”

The Downtown Phoenix dorms, Taylor Place, offers a private security firm that provides security 24/7.

Another key part of safety on campuses is crime prevention. The Crime Intervention Unit provides educational programs to teach students and staff about policies and procedures.

The police department’s mission is “to enhance the quality of life by providing a safe and secure environment through professional and proactive law enforcement services in partnership with the University community.

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